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Become a better version of yourself and achieve the body and shape you've always wanted! Do you want to achieve results from your training?

Learn more about diet and exercise we have a total of 65 years of experience! We can refer to several international medals such as Nordic, European Championship and World Cup! Whether you are an athlete, experienced or inexperienced, old or young we can help you!

Arti Sharma Lopes has several years of experience in the fitness industry. She has competed actively in Bodyfitness competitions for over 10 years and has 12 golds from various championships. She became European champion in 2019. Arti has been passionate about diet and exercise since she was 16 years old. She has been training in strength training for over 25 years.

Arti knows what it takes to reach her goals. Arti is energetic, sheer steel and motivating. For the past 4 years, Geir has been her personal mentor. With Arti's passion for exercise and the right diet, she is a motivator for trained and untrained. Arti's motto: You get what you want if you want it hard enough!


Geir Borgan Paulsen has several ten years of experience in the fitness industry. He has competed among the pro league in bodybuilding and weightlifting and boasts many national as well as international medals and a long list of merits.

Geir works as General Manager and Personal Trainer at Imperia Gym in Oslo, and in recent years has helped countless inexperienced, experienced, fitness and bodybuilders get into competitive shape.

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"Geir has really helped me a lot, I couldn't have done this without him! He set up both exercise program and food plan for me. Via PT-hours received help to train properly, as well as good follow-up along the way."

Sandra Pedersen
Born: 1984

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"I contacted Geir in January when I wanted to work in NM body fitness. I had been told by an acquaintance that Geir was the best in the area and I wanted to get in good shape, was the one I should go to. Geir set up a training program for me that consisted of weight training 4 times a week. We went through all the exercises and he told me that if I wanted results it was important to perform correctly. Geir also set up a food plan that consisted of clean foods such as oatmeal, chicken, salmon, tuna, steak, rice and potatoes and Gr matters. From weighing 72kg in January, I lost 14kg and weighed 58kg 10 months later. The result was a 2nd place in the NM in my debut. Geir is dedicated to what he does, he has been understanding and motivating."

Malin Sofie Nerberg
Born: 1988
Weight loss: 14 kg

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"From being very overweight, I started a training program with the goal of running half Marathon after 6 months.
When this period was over, I was given a training program by Geir Borgan Paulsen. I have since on average trained about 3 times a week under the guidance of Geir.
It has been very tough at times, but feedback from my personal motivator and training counselor has been the necessary
The catalyst to be able to do all these workouts."

Ragnar Aasheim
Age: 61 years
Weight loss: 35 kg over 3 years

Online Coaching.

Directly to your phone - Using Zenfit app:

When you choose a service that is suitable you will get access to the Zenfit mobile application:

You will find your customized diet and exercise plan from us.

  • Consultation and follow-up call
  • Fully customized to your goals and starting point
  • Tutorial videos, sets/reps/rest time for every exercise
  • You can track your progress inside the app. Together we can adjust the diet and exercise plan where necessary, to meet your goals.
  • You can chat directly with us if you have any questions.
  • We will respond to you as soon as we see a message from you!
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Long lasting weight loss & better health?

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Online coaching

What is included in the Coaching Package with us?

Our online coaching plans, is managed directly through the Zenfit app.

  • You will get your meal plans and recipes
  • Workout plan and video explanation for all exercise guides
  • Fully customized to your goals and starting point
  • Ability to chat directly with us.
  • Weekly adjustment of diet / exercise program.
  • 4 weeks follow-up.

Personal training

We offer personal training with Geir at Imperia gym in Oslo.

You will surely reach your goals through effective and inspiring workouts where quality always takes precedence over quantity. The first hour is an instructional lesson where Geir looks at how you perform the various exercises. Geir is available from Monday - Sunday for personal training (Imperia gym’s opening hours). Personal training with Arti will come in the future.

Fitness & Bodybuilding

This includes everything that is included in the online coaching plan, but with 3 months follow-up. This service is for those who want to participate in a fitness or other competitions.

  • Consultation with us and customized according to your starting point and goals.
  • You will be followed up closely and the opportunity to take a body Body Analysis only available in Oslo at Imperia Gym).

Contact us for prices and more information.

Is it your turn to invest in your health?

The sooner the better - but better late than never!
Good health is an interaction between the social, physical and mental aspects. Through exercise and diet touch you all the aspects. Many have not yet been clearly aware of the link between physical inactivity and mental discomfort. You simply do not feel well when you are not using your body properly.

We are sponsored by the gym run by Geir Borgan Paulsen.

A fantastic two -floors gym that makes even the most discerning exercise enthusiast stand out. Geir Borgan Paulsen has for many decades been a very well-known profile in the fitness and bodybuilding environment. In September 2015, together with Christopher Aanerud, he made his dream come true and established the Imperia Gym!